Scientific Lab Glass. AB

What Scientific Lab Glass does:

– Manufacture of scientific instruments in Borosilicate and Quartz glass,
Aluminosilicate glass

– Optical reference cells, gas-filled or empty

– Repairs of lab. glass equipment

– Neutral density filter glass

– Metal/glass joints: Kovar, Tungsten, Platinum

– Vacuum vessels

– Aluminum coating (thin film) of glass/plastic/ceramics

Which acts as a moisture barrier, electrical conductor, etc.

– Filter Columns

– Reactors

– X-ray tube

– CNC processed glass details

About us

Our customers are mostly to be found in the biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical and universities all over the world. We have also worked with famous artists such as Rosemarie Trockel.

The most common glass type we work with is Borosilicate glass, but we can also work with quartz glass and ceramics.

1989 SLG.AB Became world record holder by making the world’s first fully playable trombone and a bass tuba completely made out of glass.

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